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Welcome to killer loop, a little slice of nostalgia. If you miss the days of passing along burnt CDs, tossing over an mp3 player, or the yesteryears of mp3 rotation sites, this is your spot.

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Life is rough, but at least I remembered to update here :')

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artist: Parannoul
album: After the Night
year: 2023
genre: Indie rock/Shoegaze

Parannoul hails from South Korea as an emo/shoegaze act and I regret not giving him a shot sooner. There's a rough edge to all of the tracks in every album he releases and I adore it. The soundscapes are nice and lush and really drag you into that sentimental young vibe I'm sure we all relate to in some form or another. Anyway this is a live album and it's an absolutely fantastic experience.Into the Endless Night is the last track and stands at just over 46 minutes long so have fun!

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artist: Washed Out
song: Within and Without
year: 2011
genre: Chillwave/Synthpop

This is the album that accompanied me through a sloppy breakup back in 2014 and it's perhaps my favorite from this artist. Moody and evocative; some people call the rhythms repetitive but I really don't care because this just hits the right parts of my brain to throw out some catharsis. The track Amor Fati always drags a sliver of hope out of me and is the highlight of the album for me.

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artist: Chela
EP: Delivery
year: 2019
genre: Electropop

Chela makes such fun music but I feel like the majority of her releases are singles and EPs lol :') The titular Delivery on this EP is so bouncy and has a super fun music video. Of course the rest of it is just as brilliant; the chorus in her songs are all ridiculously catchy and easy to sing along to. She's one of those acts that feels 100% authentic and into the craft and I appreciate her passion and style.

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I wanted to throw this up as a kind of nostalgic project. I miss the days of discovering new artists via the mp3 rotation sites of old (which is how I got into countless ones back in the day). This is a little different from the old days, as I link to streaming sources rather than hotlinking to downloadable files. When possible, I also link to official sources for purchasing music. (with that said, I highly encourage buying off of bandcamp out of all other options)

The site title is inspired by the Dir en Grey song Audience Killer Loop. Sorry for the sloppy coding, I'm a dumbass.

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